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352 Arena System

FOR HIRE - The Stramatel 352 MB 3123-123 is a Multi-Sport Pro is a top of the range electronic scoreboard – meeting all FIBA requirements and is ISO 9001 approved.
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SMB Indoor

FOR HIRE - The Stramatel MB 7120 is a multi-sport electronic scoreboard that meeting all basketball FIBA requirements and is ISO 9001 approved.
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XMB Outdoor

FOR HIRE - 110m optimum viewing distance using 250mm high LED display. The XMB7000 is a wireless outdoor system. Score display from 0-199 and multisport capabilities, including a programmable 'Free-mode'.
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PSM Tabletop

FOR HIRE - with an optimum viewing distance off 30m and 90mm high LED number display. The PSM-160 is an electronic multisport portable scoreboard with a built in control console. Supplied with carry case.
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SC24 Shotclock

FOR HIRE - FIBA approved wired Shotclocks. As they work independently of the main scoring system they can be used with any existing scoreboards. We also have hire options for tabletop and intermediate scoreboards.
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XME Outdoor

FOR HIRE - The 452 XME 800 is a multisport wireless Outdoor system, perfect for single court venues. It has 60m optimum viewing distance using 15cm high LED display and score display from 0-99. Available with trolley
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FRB Outdoor

FOR HIRE - Readability of 120m and 250mm digit height. This is a customisable electronic scoreboard that is designed for Football, Rugby and Hockey. It provides optimum visibility thanks to an anti reflective front face. The LED luminosity can be adjusted from the control console during the match. Available with trolley and battery power.
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DTS Outdoor

FOR HIRE - With a viewing distance of 100m and a digit height of 220mm The DTS 2 is a Wireless operated scoreboard with ultra bright LED modules developed for outdoor use. Ideal for Football, Rubgy and Hockey. Available for delivery/collection by courier.
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