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Bespoke Perspex Backboard Steel Support Frame

Powder coated Institutional basketball backboard steel frame to support a clear acrylic backboard.
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Heavy Duty Basketball Backboard

These are standard replacement Basketball backboards for school, sports halls & leisure centres. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use, these are laminated wood & fibreglass-constructed boards and are supplied un-drilled to allow compatibility with any existing system. Price shown is for a single backboard
£170.00 incl tax

Hook-on Height Adjustment Basketball Unit

This is a light weight and strong basketball height adjustment unit with a light weight backboard and ring. Suitable for indoor use to reduce the height of the ring for youth basketball practice. It has a polycarbonate backboard and a 203 ring. Price shown is for a frame, single backboard, ring and net. The standard size backboard is shown for context only.
£340.00 incl tax

PP-Composite Basketball Backboard

This is a light weight and strong basketball backboard suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a polycarbonate backboard with a lattice reinforcing structure to increase durability and strength, while not compromising weight. It has boltholes already cast and fits a standard 11cm x 9cm ring pattern. Price shown is for a single backboard
£100.00 incl tax

Pro-range 298 Heavy Duty Flex Ring

The 298 is a professional level, heavy duty flex ring ideal for aggressive play at National League Standard. It features a sprung mechanism. The heavy duty flex ring is ideal for sports centres, colleges and schools
£300.00 incl tax